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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 8 months ago

Delete any file on your Windows PC

Unlocker is a free application designed to help you unlock and delete files that your Windows device refuses to remove. It’s also useful in killing different processes that may be causing this problem. Moreover, the program lets users delete index.dat files, change the status of locked folders, and unload various DLLs. The app features an easy-to-use interface with a limited number of functions. 

What is Unlocker?

There are times when you try to delete a file or folder from your Windows desktop or laptop, but the system refuses to do anything. Instead, it sends out a pop-up with a message that says that the file is in use by another app or user. If after shutting down all system processes, apps, and files, you still get a similar prompt, then you need Unlocker free download

As the name suggests, Unlocker is a simple application that lets you unlock or access locked files. These files could either have an active link somewhere on your PC or have a rule that they can only be used by a single process at one time. Once you install Unlocker, you’re not only able to open the destination file but also edit, copy, move, rename, or delete it. 

How does Unlocker work?

When you try to access a locked file, Windows sends out different prompts. However, all of these prompts essentially mean that the application or file that you’re trying to access is in use by another program. Since only one user can manipulate the file at a time, you must kill the active process and then start over. 

The Unlocker app manages to do this by accessing the handle of the locked file. The moment it gets access to the handle, it shuts down the file without ending the application that was using it. If the app tries to access the file again, it may send out an ‘unexpected error’ prompt. Without these prompts from your Windows PC, you wouldn’t be able to identify locked files on your device. 

Once you download Unlocker on your Windows 10 device, the app will make its way into your primary right-click menu. This way, users only need to right-click when they come across any file that says it's write-protected or in use by another program. Choosing the Unlock option from the menu unlocks the files and gives you the option to edit, rename, or remove. 

Why does Windows lock files?

There are many binary and executable files that the system requires to run smoothly. Most of these files are automatically locked by the operating system to ensure all processes run just as they’re supposed to run. Apart from these files, some come with a sharing violation, which means that they cannott be used by multiple programs simultaneously. 

Unlocker software works on both these types of files and folders, allowing users to make as many changes as they want, even to those files that are supposed to stay locked. Moreover, the app also works on protected files but requires a bit of manual work from the user’s end. The Unlock option only applies to files that are locked yet not protected.  

In addition to this, Unlocker download also offers an option to kill all hanging system processes, delete files with indes.dat extension, and unload DLLs. The program also works on EXE, CPL, and COM files. The only drawback to Unlocker is that it doesn’t stop users from deleting files that may be essential to proper computer functioning.  

How do I install Unlocker on my PC?

Unlocker free download is available for both 32- and 64-bit devices and works well on Windows 7 and above computers. Once it has been installed, you may have to configure the app’s hash functions and then start using it to end processes or manipulate files. Also, you won't need to reboot your PC after making changes to a file using Unlocker. 

Does the app offer a simple interface?

Developed by Cedrick Collomb, the Unlocker app features a simple interface that takes you through the installation process. Once installed, the app is accessible via the menu that appears when you right-click on your mouse. When you come across a locked file, all you have to do is right-click and select between Unlock or Unlock All options. 

Choosing either of the two options opens the file such that you can make changes to it without worrying about getting system prompts. To ensure that you don’t end up deleting system files, you should only use this application on files and folders that you know only contain content, which you won’t mind removing. Apart from this, the freeware also offers different functions that you can access via its primary window.

Are there any alternatives?

An application that offers force quit and delete functions similar to Unlocker is IObit Unlocker. The only difference is that the latter provides all the same functions in another interface. In case you want to understand in detail the reasons why some files are locked, you should download LockHunter. Apart from these two apps, File & Folder Unlocker is also quite useful in killing processes and deleting files. 

A must-have tool for your PC

If you’ve been struggling to move, edit or delete a file, you will like Unlocker. The simple tool helps unlock files and gives you better control of your Windows device. The app handles files such that you’re able to kill the system process, delete files with index.dat extension, remove locked folders, and unload DLLs, all without rebooting the system. 

Moreover, Unlocker download is very easy-to-use and accessible via the primary right-click menu. Since the app lets users get rid of system files, it’s important to take caution when clicking on the delete icon. 

Regardless, the program is quite useful and a must-have utility tool for users with a Windows 10 and below computer. 


  • Offers a user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for removing locked files
  • Useful in unloading DLLs
  • Helps in ending system processes


  • Can also delete essential system files

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Unlocker for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.9.2
  • 4

  • Security Status

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